Benefits of Being Interviewed on a Podcast

Podcasting is simply a way for people to have a radio show on the internet. It’s really no different than regular radio programs except that the show is delivered via the computer. There are several benefits of being interviewed on a podcast (radio show). These include convenience, a potential increase in audience reach, and cost.

You don’t have to travel

When you are interviewed on a podcast you don’t have to leave your house. The interview is conducted remotely – over the telephone (preferably a land line). This not only saves you money on transportation and gas, it also allows you to be interviewed by someone in the next, city, or state.

This is an especially attractive option for work-at-home parents because some podcasts air during evening hours or on the weekends when childcare issues can be prohibitive.

It can also mean that you don’t have to also find a babysitter and you don’t have to adjust your travel time to include drop-off and pick-up.

It doesn’t matter what you wear because it’s an audio interview.

Since most podcasts are done in an audio format (over the phone), you do not have to stress out about what to wear to that important interview. You can do the interview in even if you are having a bad hair day because no one will see you.

Exposure to a broader audience.

When you are interviewed on a podcast, you get exposed to the audience of the person that hosts the podcast. They may reach a segment of the population that you would generally not be in touch with. In this way your message gets delivered to people who would not have otherwise heard it. And that can be very good for business.

A no cost way for you to get traffic to your website.

It typically costs you nothing to be interviewed on a podcast. On occasion you will need to be responsible for the cost of the telephone call (which is a business expense). But you don’t have to find the fancy equipment or figure out how you are going to host or promote the podcast. The one hosting the podcast has taken care of all of that, oftentimes including advance mention of you, your business and website. Many podcasters have e-newsletters, blogs, and websites that they use for this very purpose. Plus they often announce on the air topics and guests for upcoming shows. All you have to do is show up and tell others about you and your services.

It helps solidify your position as an expert in your field.

As with all media visibility, your appearance or presence as a guest on a podcast adds to your credibility, helping to contribute to your role as an expert in your field. Listeners follow the show host’s cues; so if he or she positions you as someone who knows what you are talking about, listeners are likely to accept that and may even contact you for your services.

So now you want to be interviewed in a podcast.

Great, but how do you find podcasts on your niche market? Start with to find a wide range of Internet radio shows. These show are particularly attractive because all that they require of you is a telephone. Another site to check into is It is one of the leading podcast directories on the web.

Being interviewed in a podcast is a fantastic opportunity for you to promote your business or service in a convenient, cost effective way that broadens your audience. So what are you waiting on? Start contacting podcasters today so that you can be a guest star on a podcast tomorrow.

Side Benefit

The podcast is generally archived on the host’s podcast site. That archive can be linked to your website or blog, can be added to your press room, etc. so that others can listen to interview at a later date.