Podcast Transcription

In only a few short years, podcasting has become an essential part of creating a solid corporate image on the Internet. From major New York publishers to solo entrepreneurs, businesses are using the power of this new format to get their messages heard by millions of potential customers. Unfortunately, the medium has its limitations, three of which are outlined below. A smart podcaster can surmount these problems, and the solution may be as simple as investing in podcast transcription services.

Undiscoverable Content

When content is easily indexed by Internet search engines, it is considered “discoverable.” This means users can find the content through simple keyword searches, making it more likely to draw visitors. Unfortunately, search engines are not optimized to index audio and video content. Podcast transcription allows podcasters to place a text version of their podcast alongside the audio version, which allows search engines to index the content and drive targeted visitors to the site.

Inaccessible Content

In audio form, a podcast is inaccessible to visitors with hearing impairments. A podcaster can spend a great deal of time creating the best content possible and still miss the opportunity to connect with customers because they literally cannot hear what’s contained in the podcast. By using a podcast transcription service, a content-creator can eliminate this issue and show sales prospects and other site visitors that his/her company is sensitive to all their customers’ needs.

Unsearchable Archives

A successful podcast series may run for hundreds of episodes. In this situation, the podcaster’s show archive becomes an invaluable reference tool for checking past content, ensuring message continuity and recycling material by expanding upon a past discussion in a new show. Unfortunately, it does not take long before an audio archive becomes unmanageable. Without an easy method to pinpoint desired content, the successful podcaster may have to wade through hours of material to find what he or she needs. Podcast transcription makes archives immeasurably more useful. A podcaster simply performs a keyword search. The needed content is pinpointed effortlessly.

With all of these benefits, it is easy to see why using a podcast transcription service after every episode should be considered a best practice in the podcasting industry.