What You Need To Know About Branding Your Podcast

This is usually the first question I will ask someone who is asking for my help in launching their podcast. This is probably the most important question a new podcaster can answer. It is a question only they can answer. And the answer to this question will guide them to success.

Failure to adequately answer this question will almost always guarantee failure!

If you say, “I want to reach everyone,” what you have really just said is, “you will reach no one.”

Many people, myself included, when they first start out, again, either with a podcast or a business, make the rookie mistake of thinking, “I do not want to exclude anyone. I want to make my podcast so as many people as possible will listen to me.”

It would be like the old “General Store” of some small town. A little of this, a little of that. Really good if you needed a fuse for a circuit box or to grab a role of tape and you did not want to drive 10 miles into a larger town. But if you were looking to buy a state of the art television, would you go into the General Store and look at three-year old models, dusty and sitting on the shelf? NO. You would take the extra effort to find a store that sells TV’s – new TV’s. Latest and greatest TV’s.

Your marketing needs to be the same way.

Another rookie mistake is to advertise the same way the “big guys” are advertising. Do not try to copy other people’s ads! Especially when you are just starting out! They have huge advertising budgets. They have marketing departments. They have graphic art departments. They have access to budgets that spend more on lunch than you do on advertising in an entire year. Do not try to copy what they are doing!

This is called “mass marketing.”

It is also called “branding.” That is a fancy term that is in play today.

“Well, shouldn’t I be branding my name? I just want to “get my name out there?”

Let me put it to you like this.

How much money does “Coke” spend on their advertising in a year? Magazines, bill boards, television, radio, the sides of buses, etc.? Don’t forget the major sporting events either. Probably BILLIONS of dollars, right?

That is mass marketing or “branding.”

The last time you walked into a store and bought a coke, Why did you do so? What made you buy a coke? You probably bought a coke rather than any other brand (and I am using coke, but if you are a Pepsi drinker, it’s the same thing). You probably bought a coke because, subconsciously, that is what you thought of because you were thirsty. You did not stop to look at all of the alternatives. You did not stop to read the labels and compare everything. You did not stop to look up the scientific discussions on your smart phone about the benefits of coke versus a bottle of water. You were thirsty and reached for a coke!


It cost Coke billions upon billions of dollars over many, many years, to achieve that level of name recognition.

That is the amount of time, effort and MONEY it will take for you to compete at that level to “Get your name out there!”

So don’t do that!

One more quick example…

I enjoy golf. The first time I ever went to play golf, I shot a 99 score! That’s right, the very first time I ever played golf, I shot a 99!

When I tell people this story, they are really impressed.

What I then explain is, I had an appointment and could not meet my buddies on the first tee. I met them on the 10th tee. I shot a 99 on the back 9 holes. Not quite as impressive now, is it?

But, on first glance, it sounds impressive. It sounds like maybe I was pro material… able to go out and compete, with a little practice, against Tiger Woods and those PGA tour professionals that shoot 67 on 18 holes. Pro’s who played golf for years and years and years and have spent multiple ten’s of thousands of dollars to get where they are at.

If I would have decided to try to compete on their level, it would have been a miserable failure. They could hit their 9-iron farther and more accurately than I could it a driver.


You will fail.

You will lose your most precious asset right now – MONEY!

So, define in very specific terms WHO your target audience is going to be. Then design every single piece of advertising, promotions and, of course, every single episode of your podcast around reach them!

What single thing can you do that will push you on towards success?

Identify who your one and only target audience is going to be! Others may join in, but you must reach that single individual in everything you do!