Top 10 Internet Marketing Tips for Beginners

In this article I’m going to give you 10 simple but effective internet marketing tips and also some useful resources to go along with these.

1. Make a YouTube channel

A YouTube channel is not only very easy to make but also easy to manage. According to most internet marketers, video is the future of traffic as it continues to grow at a rapid pace year after year. So if you are not into blogging yet, you may begin your internet marketing journey by opening a YouTube channel. Additionally, you can repurpose things to your blog from your YouTube channel when your blog is up and running.

2. Build social media presence

Facebook alone has over one billion active monthly users and other social media such as Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest have hundreds of millions of users as well. Social media allow you to connect with your target audience on a whole new level.

3. Create your personal blog/website

As an internet marketer, you should have a blog or website of your own. You need it because it gets you targeted traffic and allows you to build your brand. Above all, it helps people find you in search engines.

4. Keep track of your numbers

Setup Google Analytics for your blog. It will allow you to know which contents are doing well and which ones are doing poorly.

5. Email marketing

Setup email marketing campaign right before your site goes live. Start collecting emails right away. You can offer some freebies so that people are encouraged to sign up to your newsletter. There are a number of companies available on the web that offer both free and paid email marketing services to website owners. Some popular email marketing service providers are Aweber, Mailchimp, Convertkit, Constant Contact etc.

6. Start podcasting

A podcast show is just like your own little radio show. You can use various platforms to host and stream your podcast files. Sites like Apple iTunes, Libsyn, Podbean, SoundCloud etc. offer podcast hosting services. You can also use that offers podcast hosting for free (unlimited disk space and bandwidth).

7. Content redistribution

Learn how you can repurpose your existing contents and redistribute them on sites like LinkedIn Pulse, Ezine Articles, Hub Pages, Medium and other authority sites. Also post alternative versions of your YouTube videos to other streaming sites such as Dailymotion, Vimeo etc. Turn your videos into slideshow using MS PowerPoint and then share them on SlideShare.

8. Help people solve their problems

Create accounts on Quora and Yahoo Answers. Find out questions that are related to your niche. Try to answer questions and mention your website/brand name in your answers if relevant.

9. Advertise on Facebook and Google AdWords

In most cases, Facebook advertising is cheaper than Google AdWords. Facebook also provides more in-depth ad targeting options. So try to make the most out of Facebook ad by targeting user group more precisely and effectively.

10. Outsource some of your workload

Internet marketing job actually involves various types of tasks e.g. writing, video making, website and content management, reputation management, link building etc. You may hire freelancers from sites like Upwork, Freelancer or PeoplePerHour to do some of these tasks for you. It will help you grow and expand your business more quickly.

Internet Marketing – Making Podcasting Work For You

The marketing concept of podcasts came on strong in the early years of the 20th century. And as of today, it’s used by thousands of business owners who want to increase their sales and profits simply and easily. Plus, podcasting is a free tool to use that can dramatically help to boost your traffic count, the number of new email subscribers that you have gained, and the number of people who go on to buy your products.

In my opinion, podcasting is a lot like posting videos on YouTube. You have to create the video, display your website address at the bottom of the video, and then hope that someone types in your domain name into their web browser so that they can get to your website. But nowadays with YouTube, you can list your website address in the description portion of the video, and it will turn it into a clickable link.

But podcasting is still kind of primitive if we’re going to compare it to YouTube. YouTube is the number 3 ranked website on the internet entire in terms of website traffic. And the largest podcast directory on the internet (iTunes), is the number 32 ranked website on the internet (according to the traffic service called Alexa).

Nevertheless, you can still get tons of traffic to your website simply and easily using iTunes and podcasting. In the same way that you will want to submit your video to other video sites other than YouTube… you will want to submit your podcasts to other podcast directories other than iTunes. It’s just a great way to get more exposure for your content.

When creating your podcasts, you will want to pick a niche that best suits your personality, knowledge, and potential amount of income that you can make. There are a ton of niches that you can enter into, but you will want to find one that is obscure and low in competition. That way you can attack the market with a variety of different internet marketing strategies, and quickly acclaim dominance in that niche.

Now when signing up to get your podcast marketing strategy together, you will want to get yourself a blog and podcast RSS feed. The easiest way to do this is with a company called “Feedburner”. Feedburner is a great service that can help you to launch your podcast marketing strategy simply and easily.

Luckily Feedburner is free, and you can take advantage of everything that it offers for you today. Once you acquire an RSS feed from Feedburner, you will want to go and submit it to the podcast directories, and also ping your podcast blog on a service like “pingomatic”.

Marketing your products and services using podcasts are a great way to earn the money that you are looking for in your business. I believe the popularity of podcasts will evolve over time, and it’s a smart thing to do if you want to use this medium as a part of your marketing strategy. Use it today and watch how your sales and profits increase.

Good luck with using these podcasting tips to earn the kind of money that you’re looking for in your business.

Business Podcast Marketing Case Study Proves Results

Business Podcast Marketing Case Study Shows How Podcasting Delivers Dramatic Results for Client. Podcasting has significant business marketing potential. If the business podcast strategy and online visibility plan is properly executed; podcasting has the potential to be a marketing tool that delivers great marketing results.

The professional business marketers over at have just released a new case study titled “How to Use a Podcast to Promote a White Paper That Generates New Business Sales Leads”.

This case study is about how Bearing Point used podcasting to promote a white paper and saw sign up rates of over 30% versus a traditional 10%. This is a 200% increase over traditional marketing techniques.

Here is a short excerpt: “Dunay wasn’t sure if the podcasts would be a hit or not, especially as his key prospects tend to be fairly conservative. So he didn’t roll out trumpets and strobe lights for the launch.

Instead, the team posted the podcasts and announcements at several related sites including,, and iTunes (all of which currently promote podcasts for free.) They also rolled out a press release and an email announcement to the house list. Their first podcast launched quietly July 29, 2005.


Joy and exultation! Hundreds of executives downloaded the podcasts. Dunay had hoped that 10% of podcast listeners would respond to the white paper download offer. Instead, 30% did…”

This is a great example of how marketing professionals should and could be using podcasting to help their business. This is the future of podcasting, Podcasting is going to become a marketing tool that communicates, educates and drives listeners to action. In this case the action was to download a white paper and effectively generate leads.

I have been trying to inform the business markets of this trend for the past 9 months. I discussed this very scenario in a Podcasting White Paper that was released a few months back. Read the full case study at

Experienced online marketing professionals that have expertise in the areas of podcast production, strategy, and visibility such as can help your business achieve these same levels of results. Just creating a podcast in a vacuum of space is the wrong strategy. Make sure that you achieve maximum exposure for your podcasts so that they can deliver measurable marketing results.

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